​Was it a little crazy?  I survived and had an amazing adventure!

​​​​     My year-long adventure is starting to wind down. I left the coast of Florida on my sturdy little sailboat named seaReed on July 4, 2016 and on the morning of July 4, 2017 I'll be boarding a plane to Miami, Florida.  From there I'll be flying to Phoenix to meet my little brother who has just purchased a brand new Air Sream travel trailer. The two of us are going to road trip around the west and then head for Indiana. 

Did I own a sailboat?  I bought a 1989 O'Day 322.  A nice little 32' sailboat.                              

Consuming plastic garbage killed this magnificent, 52ft. sperm whale. Plastics are responsible for the senseless deaths 

of countless sea mammals, turtles & birds each year. Floating plastic bags can be mistaken for jellyfish and eaten. Fishnets entangle yet more of these animals, preventing them from reaching the water's

surface to breath. Black water discharge (sewage containing fecal matter & urine), cleaning chemicals and oil are also killers. You can help prevent these deaths by correctly disposing of your garbage, by discharging black water away from reef environments and by using biodegradable cleaning materials whenever possible.


Did I know how to sail? Like all good students, I took a few sailing classes.

​It's never too late to plan an adventure.

After 25 years as a middle school science 

teacher, I decided to take a one-year

sabbatical & sail throughout the Caribbean.